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Peggy Lander Silver Medalist

  The sixth woman since 1965 to be honored with the AAF Utah Silver Medal Award, Peggy Lander received the honor with grace and beauty—a condensed and delightful representation of her career.  Bob Fotheringham , who discovered Peggy early in her career and paved the way until she took those pavers in her own hands to become Partner at the most recent iteriation of Fotheringham & Associates, Richter7, expressed a list of attributes that accurately describe Peggy.  The smartest person in the room With the gift of getting things done Graciously responsible Devoutly loyal Upbeat and positive Remarkable capable Ingenious problem solver Razor sharp mind Spot-on intuitions Dutch-girl practicality  

adnews 2017 Creative Annual Coming Soon!

The adnews 2017 Creative Annual is in production and requesting submissions for Creative Showcase. Send some of your best work our way. All we need:

Good quality images, a brief description of the client and the creative brief, and if you desire, a list of superstars who brought it to life.

Intermountain Healthcare Revolutionizes Telemedicine

 Intermountain Healthcare is redefining the telemedicine industry with a rapid shift in medical solutions for patients. Traditionally the hospital experience for a patient requires an excess in time, money, and scramble to find the right care, however, Intermountain Healthcare’s product development to integrate technology into the patient experience provides a solution to these obstacles. 

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