“We’re ready to roll. Recording and locked. This is take 1.”

VoicesNOW For Voiceover Talent featuring 600 American National and 1,400 Foreign Language Voices.

 In Internet videos. eLearning. TV spots. Animated videos. In your favorite podcasts. Even an automated phone directory involves a voice over. We are surrounded by professional voices, and casts, records and delivers voiceover for all media in just about any language.

In business since 2003, VoicesNow recently finished building a new office and professional studio in Millcreek, conveniently located at 4465 S. 900 E. inside the Millcreek Medical Arts Building. As president and owner, Mackenzie Delatore points out, “We’re the Arts Part.” The new offices feature a state-of-the-art recording studio acoustically designed for voiceover production and mixing. Clients also have instant access to thousands of sound effects and two large music libraries.

Mackenzie says, “at VoicesNow, the majority of our work involves booking and recording voice overs for corporate videos, radio spots, TV, Podcasts and documentaries.” However, in December they cast, recorded and did sound design for an in-house Google animated video. In January they cast for 24 voice actors and recorded for an animated movie called, “When Pawns Rebel,” a feature for a producer in United Arab Emirates. VoicesNow also just finished recording voiceover for 150 exercise videos in German and French for an international client. After recording the VO and mixing the tracks with music they did the layback to the video masters and delivered drives to their client. Brent Marshall, the vice president and in-house producer stated, “We are focusing on longer format productions. Of course, we appreciate all projects regardless of the length.” As an audio production company, they handle the whole process, from casting to recording, editing and mixing, even voiceover directing if required. They also specialize in translation and subtitling, not to mention foreign voiceover.

With all of the film work being shot in Utah VoicesNow is working closely with the Utah Film Commission to make producers and directors aware of their ability to do ADR looping for movies and TV shows. VoicesNow studios has ISDN, Source Connect and ipDTL software to connect to just about any studio or talent in the world. 

VoicesNow offers clients 650 national quality American male and female voice actors and announcers, and over 1,500 native foreign voice talents in 80 different languages. With their connectivity capability they connect remotely to their talent allowing their audio engineer to have full control of the session while recording national talent remotely. VoicesNow has worked with many local, and Fortune 500 companies such as Clorox, Purina, Verizon, Mercedes, McGraw-Hill, Scholastic, Hard Rock Café, Hallmark, LinkedIn and Dell Computers. For Dell they translated, cast, booked, recorded, and delivered mixed audio in 14 different languages. VoicesNow loves casting for international projects. 

Since moving to their new location, just 10 minutes away from downtown Salt Lake, they will also service local ad agencies, producers and in-house media departments to come record in their beautiful new studio at competitive rate